Friday, December 7, 2012

THE CAT - a Real Poser

Tame, Feline, not a real beauty
An ordinary neighbouring cat
or was she our own house' familiar cat
because she so frequent infront
normally, she leaves whenever a person comes by

she sleeps under,
whien it serves her warmth
the neighbour's ford escort;
her usual, favorite sleeping-unintimidated place

one day, lying laggardly
 started taking pictures of her
oh, so look at me in the eye
stood up and scaringly went to me and around
and gets nearer at every snap of shot

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


We believe that we must remain open-minded, because free and open discussions give rise to clear solutions. We are not like the others who, just because we have said it, express immediate opposition. We cannot all be in one boat, where there are those rowing backwards or keeping us at a standstill while we are working hard to move forward.

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    View previous comMiles Santos Dear Pres Noynoy Aquno. I am sorry for being irrate and loud-mouthed to you personally and openly sp the past few days. I call my teachers Mam and my Doctors Doc, the Nurse Nurse,the cigarette vendor Kuya and the maids Ate; we even term Mirriam Defensor As Madamor simply used PO as obvious respectbut since u came around Ive called u Noy. Pnoy and openly said nasty things this lately. We regard u as an ordinary person when u are , infact- less we forget the President of the Philipppines, I cant imagine how a President accepts words like 'thiose' w/o being hurt and insulted. Im sure u read our msgs. How we cross the line of discussion and communication. We were so unused to talking to the President and forgot how lucky we have been to be given chance to talk to u, being listened to, and having a President who minds. How I have abused ur being calm_ and being unable to watch - as my person- My apology. Realizing how improper and ugly it is to look at from outside; Pls also send my Apology for the same to Senator Tito Sotto14 minutes ago · Edited · Likements

Wednesday, October 10, 2012