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Faces at 16

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rh bill

                                 RH BILL

I was born to a legal, normal family
third in series of six
yearly or bi-yearly

Oh, i shouldn't have termed siblings by serie
but what  difference did it make
a person and a manufacturer?

If i was planned i wasn't sure
if i was approved - maybe
i passed;  2hands; 10fingers

But i have had hand-me-down clothes;
not remember my mother calling me for comfy
but for errand she needs

All of us anyways
my sister more so, is the laundry

My mom at my age 11
died of suicide
Could i have told my mom  to stick it out a lil more time
for us 6 CHIDREN

So reasonable
didn't kill us;
so good
just killed herself

Because she can not take care of us?
because of some nonsense normal reason
like: other woman

my dad's so intelligent
but not so good as a mother
nor a provider

I was barefoot or half-slippered
filthy and hungry
In a local private High School!

I was record-intelligent
best among the crowd
that they didn't recognize

Always away in the woods,
late afty stayin at friends
at school watchin sports

No home to go anyways
nobody, no food
all trash - literal

Did i do drugs, boyfriends, peer?
I am too good to be true

How could i have been accepted and helped
by the school and community
when relatives- the closest even
find us different and treat us outcast

My mother was not lucky being born on mid-regions
or was she lucky being born mestiza

My dad was born third of a series of nine
happy, united, hazzle-free?

If we seek for Filipino Model Family to be given award to;
there's something better than the Regular
Big-clan of 9?


I am trying to remember
what my  siblings could be doing
while i was away
where they were
what was with them
how they were feeling
I can't even help myself to help them
dad's not around to know what's happening to us

Do you know the story
of your own blood -brother and sister?
have you fed a niece
taken care of a nephew?
helped a grandchild with homework
protected a child in your own home
incest in your own family
boundary in your own compound
peace in your own community
that u can speak for others you don't even know?

Nobody knows how one felt and survived in situation
Nobody knows why a person is "THIS"
If one is being judged

its because it is nornal to Filipinos
the country's society is cruel
our country's custom is stiff

When i was born
I wasn't so well-off;
I hang on
to chances,
stick on
to people;
even cling to the robe by the side of your GOD
while you all are so very well-seated in the palm of his hand

I duno where i belong
i don't want u to see me as poor or cast or disregarded
that would be so shameful
I am intelligent, giving, consciencetious, OC.
calling myself unlucky is being ungrateful
because i see advantageous situations
Now, am I lying trying to belong

I am not a Born-Again Christian -
not as solid as they call themselves;
nor even as closed as Orthodox
that I beg your pardon
for not really feeling your insights.

I am a woman
a mother
a wife
a daughter

I dont use;
dont sell drugs
dont sell flesh
dont cheat people
spends sparingly
votes wisely

i am a community-server too
in my own way
a friend
a filipino.

There is the reality of Yin-Yang -
two sides to every situation;

There is always the Devil;
even in Jesus' time;
ever present desolate, poor, lone people;
that's why the rule -
Be kind to the poor

and it is also written that many people will be ridiculed and outcast
and that their only sin would be:  Being Born

There are those blessed with children
I term over-kid
and those who can not bore a single child ever in a lifetime -

and then- There are the Lucky ones

Didn't God know that?
Does he decide how many kids; to whom?

I don't know how we are really chosen by "the God"
how he decides who to put as powerful, intelligent, rich side

Isn't it that God does not decide for us so as not to be manipulative
that he gave people privilege to decide among themselves

Is God fair?
Is he ever-knowing?
Is there such a thing as wrongly-born?
illegitimate illegal unwanted uncalled  unprepared over-kid
Is there such a thing as being born to a legally, spiritually right but physically and emotionally wrong family; wrong parent, wrong time

Child:  Am i allowed to bear grudge against my "GOD-GIVEN" unwanted parent
Just what is an unwanted parent
Is it somebody whom I hate back for not wanting me in the first place
Am i my mom's dream-stealer
my mother's life-stealer
Don't my mother have a life too
or does it stop the minute i am born?
am I not suppose to be
not only her priority
but her only choice

Why do you call me untimely
Can't any time be now-
Should not it be my call

Mother:  Are you you pointing a finger at me
because I am not a good daughter
not a good woman
not a wife
not a mother yet;
Didn't do it all
Didn't sacrifice it all
Am I not a person too?

Am I speaking as a mother
or a daughter
Oh, if we have the same fortune
or differently
but all on the side of the unprivileged ones
I beg your pardon
I am not feeling your insights

Those that can point finger at me
Are the rightly-born
the good, the spiritual, the rich, powerful, intelligent, learned, connectives, beautiful, wanted, in, belongs

I am pro-life; pro-family; pro-truth
I just feel hurt that whenever :THEY" shout PRO-RH
It's a pin pinched into my conscience
Ironically the same pin that pinches my heart



 742 551
The bishops and their allies in Congress have just supplied the best arguments—not for rejecting the Reproductive Health bill but for approving it posthaste.

First by mounting an anti-RH rally consisting in the main of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s bishops and her herself. Yes, her bishops. The same ones who got SUVs from her, or indeed solicited them from her on the occasion of their birthdays. The same ones who found nothing wrong with “Hello Garci” and applauded the congressmen for killing the impeachment bids against her. The same ones who wondered what was so wrong with cheating in elections, “everybody cheats anyway.” The same ones who claimed God spoke through them while they screwed the country, quite apart from those they added to the population by.

Danilo Suarez, House minority leader, justified the bishops’ welcoming Arroyo with open arms thus: “This is an issue that she feels strongly about as a devout Catholic, although she never used her term in the presidency to push things her way.” He justified as well his, and six of his fellow Arroyo loyalists’ defection from the RH bill thus: “Changing your mind is no joke, it is a matter of conscience.”

You don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the cheekiness of these statements. Arroyo is a devout Catholic? Then that is a reason to become Islamic, Buddhist, Hindu, or atheist. Arroyo never pushed things her way when she was president? What about pushing her way as president to begin with, after she was made so not by God, vox populi, vox Dei, but by Garci, vox Garci, vox karaoke? Changing your mind is no joke, it is a matter of conscience? Really? You’ve got a conscience? Hell, you’ve got a mind to change?

It reminds us, in case we’ve forgotten already, although we’re assailed by it every time, that the Catholic Church remains primarily, and resolutely, a temporal power, and only secondarily—and cynically—a spiritual one. There are luminous exceptions, like Archbishops Antonio Fortich, Francisco Claver, Julio Labayen who fought oppression and benightedness in the past, and Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle who fights oppression and benightedness today. Tagle, quite incidentally, has himself called for Catholics to join the rally and find discernment in it. He is at least one prince of the Church who acts, and thinks, like a prince. You know that by the fact that he abhors princely trappings and prefers beggarly ones. Unlike his fellows who like to garb themselves in finery to advertise their spurious grandness. Tagle at least I will continue to hold in the highest regard whatever his position on the RH bill.

But they are the exception. They are the rarity. To this day, the Church thrives in circumstances not unlike those Jose Rizal decried, locked in mortal combat with the state for earthly power. Its advantage then (as now) lay in the friars holding on to their positions for life while governor-generals came and went. Woe to a governor-general like Carlos Maria de la Torre who was liberal-minded and wanted to do things such as secularize the parishes held by the friars. Woe to a president like P-Noy who, unlike Arroyo, wants to make the lives of Filipinos better. They are the natural enemies of the prayle, they are the natural enemies of the bishopric.

Second, by the most absurd justifications they cite for their opposition to the RH bill. Suarez explains his turnaround in this way: He saw how other countries were having tremendous problems because of a lack of a labor force. “Our component is the people—they’re our asset. Yet we will control our population? That’s the reason I had second thoughts and withdrew my support for the bill.” And Bishop Ramon Arguelles aired his protest in this way: “Consider the future of your children and grandchildren… look at what’s happening to many countries in the West, they are becoming weak. So I appeal to the congressmen for them to see the reality.”

Can anything be more idiotic? Can anything be more pestilential? What are they saying: The more we breed like rabbits, the more we will become prosperous? The more we teem with street children, child prostitutes, child laborers, for sheer lack of ability even of the most egalitarian government to prevent, the stronger we get?

The bishops’ argument of course is that we should all populate the earth like breeders but leave it to government to feed, clothe and put the light of learning in the bred. How, they do not say. I’ll tell them how. I’ll convert to their view if they agree to give up their princely robes, quite apart from their princely lands and princely cathedrals and princely SUVs and live the way the apostles did, the way Christ bid them do (his kingdom is not of this earth), with only the clothes on their backs and faith in their hearts, to do what they want government to do. I’ll convert to their view if they agree to give up the alms they collect every Sunday to feed, clothe and educate the issue of every unwanted pregnancy, the better to add to society’s desperate efforts to battle homelessness, child prostitution and widespread misery of an order you are hard put to associate with the image and likeness of God.

In the end, that’s what makes the bishops’ opposition to the RH bill cynical and hypocritical. That they should call themselves prolife while seeing only hypothetical life and not real life, while bleeding only for the lot of those who have not been born and indifferent to the plight of those who have, while devoting all their time and energy and passion to something that was not, is not, and never will be to those who are here, who are flesh-and-blood, and who will ever remain in ignorance and hopelessness if their numbers keep multiplying.

That is being for life? That is being on the side of life?

That is prolife?

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BABAE by Joshua Aragones


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too many products to take

capsules preferred

back seat -left

icepick marked a cross on the mirror

too long a slash marked onto the body- mid doors left-

long ice pick mark

motorcycle riders in tandem

parked infront our office

along Quezon Avenue

 we lack parking space for distributors