Saturday, January 26, 2013

The QUEEN of French Baker

Since the 80s; when Sm North EDSA was still the greatest ever mall; it was the First "Real" Mall. 
This was my Native Mall. 
My daughter and I would roam around the City even when she was still a baby- like 2yrs and until she was growing. 

This is  French Baker here.
Now there are 2 branches; but I can remember where the original was; I think in the back Car Park,

French Baker 50% off. Everything must go starts at 9pm.
Havent proven if liners were on 6pm
but sure to see them roamin around
or gettig line numbers from the guard at securely7pm yet
You bet, I did

Want to see Manang personally?
You ain't gonna miss her
(except when there's no office the following day)
She is first in line
for more than 20 years now
She could take a rank at Guiness

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