Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hi Ed! What's up with you?

Two or three months ago,
I went to do a time visit to my familiar Mall:
Waltermart in Munoz.
               because I used to live in the community where the Mall is.
               I stayed around the place for ten years or more,
               since the 90s;
               not as a Bonafide Citizen but as an Adopted Resident.
Adopted:   Daughter to a mother and father
                  sister to a sister and a brother,
                  friend to a friend
                  Enemy to a rival
                  a lover
                 a neighbor
                 a veteran
Time visit because I go there from time to time
since I left the place for many others;
Because My heart is still there,
like pieces of me to be found anywhere around.
So many people, so many memories: Love, hate, friendship.

Twenty years ago;
There is this one local group
that HE introduced me to
that I half-belonged to...
There were many of them;
Each one, I occasionally see on circumstances,
like every year or three or two each,
others five years, ten years
 in and out of the city.

My stairs are running up.
Halfway, I saw a familiar...very familiar face
going down;
smiling a full, pure smile, pointing at me
like so happy and surprised
to see me at a Mall younger than us and our story.
He was saying my name on his lips
and his body is expressing "Long time, No see."

I was so happy:
to see him
He was the kindest, not only to me
but really one of the nicest of the group;
to see a part of my history:
realizing that the memories are real,
that it really happened, with real characters
the smile on his face is contagious
because He looked so happy to see me.

I hesitated to keep the meeting up, for some reason.
I shrugged the notion of taking one step
to the very adjacent Running down Escalator
Didn't Meet him down to say "Hi;"
nor an inviting wave at him to "Come up here."

He was landing down;  I was stepping up
but  Our eyes are still running after the shadow of each other,
tho there are not much people on the way.
He stayed for a moment down the end of the Escalator
like he wanted to chat a little
We took a last glance
I waved goodbye, that he went off
Still smiling- like the real him.

When I got home, I added him as FaceBook Friend excitedly.
like I should see, peek or check out on him;
Didn't even notice it was immediately accepted
For some reason,
I hesitated to grab a Second chance,
this time, on a Mail
to say "Whats up with you?"

We have been friends-on-line for three months now,
So much time there is, specially now we are FB friends,
we can check-out anytime.
Very luckily, very Ironically
our connection mattered
a Tag to him would appear on my wall.
and here is the Tag:
Three days...The Doctor said three days...Expiring...Cancer.
and Today is the second day.

Rushed to check his wall-
surprisingly it took just a minute
On his wall:  First Chemo-Therapy, posted 11months ago.

I called a friend about it,
not wanting to sound unfamiliar;
like I have known all along.
FEU Manila, stable, OK, false alarm.
I can not grasp all the information
but I heard - False Alarm

Last chance to ask personally "How are you doing?"
but I'm so numb this time, for some reason.
Maybe...maybe... and I'm out of answer.

Last night, I went to see him.
A personal meet up, At last
Face to face with him;
I was finally able to find the words
From my lips, I mumbled "Hi Ed..."
Like  there were so much things to say
but nothing more is worth saying
through a glass window
"Goodbye Ed."

Tomorrow, I will again time visit my familiar mall


  1. This is a very touching post! I was also impressed with the words that you used and the rhyming and the sound of each syllable. Like every syllable was pinching my heart and making me want to cry. I am also afraid of death-very. This should be a lesson to people.. There is a saying that in this life, we never regret the things that we did but the things that WE DIDN'T. Nice post, though its sad.

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  3. thanx. when i started blogging, i ddnt know i would be posting things like this. not everyday is a happy day.