Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Phone; Made in the Philippines

I'm not a regular photographer.  I'm not much into gadgets, pixels and other specifications.
Ive been using a hand-over branded handy camera from my daughter. 

My Phone is four months old. I saw it at a Local Tiangge. It doesn't exactly fit my cellphone standard; or I thought so. I want a white, handy, simple, big letters, wide-screen cellphone, w/ TV/radio, loud sound. I don't want double SIM, touch screen, 3G, super high-tech and expensive because I'm careless with things, anti-tech, anti-gadget, and its dangerous in the Philippines to walk around with expensive gadgets.
When I saw this, it almost fit except for the color. My husband and I Cant leave it because we both want its looks. Roamed around the Mall and other Malls for other better; or comparing the price and we always end up looking at it.
It's simple-looking, elegant, Silver and black, big-faced, flat sides, square, big letters, cheap and on-promo.

When I went to The Peak, I don't have a Camera but the  view up there is so breathtaking seeing the wide sights, I wanna take a serious shot. My daughter didn't let me bring her Canon Handy Camera and the hand-over one is borrowed by my sister.
I'm not the one using it so I'm not familiar with the specs; it has complete prayers, rosary, everyday soul food, and complete Filipino creeds all in the CD's.

No zoom, I took pictures. I just settle the image i want at the middle of the screen. if you think thee black glass is full screen; look again. the lens is only 1 1/2X2 inches..I wasn't expecting wide shots. I thought I will be getting the middle of an image; margins out. 

Kaye was the firsts I saw; I can take a full picture of her at a distance of about one meter. At one ruler far; I got her close-up.
I was amazed to see full, wide shots when I was expecting only the exact image  or maybe half to appear on the shots.
I can easily focus, I don't even focus. I just estimate the center of the image and  the screen. I found it better to use than when I was using a real Handy Camera.
PS. Shooting the Red Sky, I realized this Cellphone has a Zoom and  was able to use it. 
They said it was a version of the  phased-out SONY Ericsson. It is made in the Philippines and it is called Pinoy Phone.


  1. sad part is myphone is not made in the philippines. they get their phone from an indian company who gets their phone from china..

    1. talaga b? so what do we do daw pag nasira? kaya pala it will take dayz; for a reserve battery to be available; per order. but until now xe is so alive; functioning well; no repair whatsoever yet; even if i lost the lid closing at d bottom, exposing number zero; we bought many brands of same level; really theyre all sira na. i lost her once and pledged to pass it on to my mother if i find it. problelm now is; most of my blog shots are taken w this sp on emergencies when i dont have camera w me, wc is so often.

    2. ps mga 50 times n xa bumagsak at dumami, highest is at 4ft level. may mahabang pin n natangal last month at naging 3 or 4 xa; napipi n ang back cover but omg; xa doesnt need a repairman yet; parang nakakasawa n nga sya sa tagal i bought other phone already in case; but shes just so dependable